Saturday, August 29, 2015

Getting To Know Me

     So, I know that through the enormous expanse of the internet, it's hard for you as the reader to connect with me, the blog author.  I want to change that.  Before I start posting content, I want my readers to know what kind of a person is on the other side of the screen.

10 Important Facts About Me

     1. I am a Christian.  The one thing that I want people to know about me and remember is that I am a Christian.  Being a Christian defines who I am.  It controls the way I live.  Everything I do is for God's glory.
      Now that doesn't mean that I always do things perfectly.  I know that my family in particular can attest to the fact that I sin often, that I make mistakes a lot.  But I'm a sinner saved by grace.  God's love is so infinite that it covers my sin.  I try to do better, and that's how I live.  Every day, striving to become more like Jesus Christ.
      2. I am Home schooled.  Ever since kindergarten, I have learned at home, whereas the majority of kids go to a public school.  While it can sometimes be hard and lonely, it has been so beneficial.  I honestly believe that because of the way I have been learning, I have been able to learn more, and enjoy it.
     Home schooling isn't for everyone.  My brother (who is currently in 8th grade) attends the local school, last year was his first year.  Home schooling be lonely, you may not have as many friends or be able to take part in as many activities.  I know that in my case though it has made me who I am.  I'd like to think of myself as a driven and mature individual.  While I may not have some of the life experience that others do, I have been able to focus more on my growth as a person.  Even though it's not always ideal, I know this was the best path for me.
      3. I have never had a boyfriend and desire to remain sexually pure.  Another effect of homeschooling has been that I have not had the opportunity to meet as many guys.  And that's ok for now.  I don't think that relationships have to be necessary in the teen years.  There will be plenty of time for boy-girl, but now I can grow in my walk with the Lord.  That doesn't mean I don't want a boyfriend or want attention sometimes.  It just means that I'm waiting.
      I have committed to staying pure for my husband.  So kissing is as far as I get with anyone before marriage.  If you have an interest in this subject or need perspective on it, And the Bride Wore White is a great book.

     4. My current post high school plans include going to college and majoring in Biblical Studies with a Focus on Music.  I want to work in ministry after college.  I think that if I get a Bible degree, it will be transferable to most ministry outlets.  I feel that ministry is something I can do from home if I get married and have children. I want to serve God and my family.
     The focus on music is because I've played the piano ever since I was 6 years old (10 years), and I just started taken voice lessons.  I want to be able to utilize those skills.
     5. I am a rural girl.  I've lived in a town of 2,600 ever since I was born.  Cornfields are a major part of the landscape.  Three of my four grandparents grew up on farms, as did my Dad.  This is a part of me that I will always treasure.  It's my heritage, and I couldn't be more proud of it.
     6. I love sports, but I've never really been on a competitive team.  I can't play sports to save my life.  Baseball, basketball, soccer, you name it, I can't do it.  I was one of those kids who spent a lot of their time inside reading.  That has really benefited me later in life, but since I never dedicated much time to sports, I'm awful at it now.  I did play little league baseball and soccer, but I was never great at it.
      I love to run.  I'm not fast and I don't think I was built to be, but I do it because it's good for me and it's enjoyable.  I like to know that I'm taking care of my body and that I'm healthy and still able to use my legs.  I just feel so blessed, because there are so many people who can't get out there and run.  Maybe they can't use their legs, or maybe they're out of shape and don't put the effort forth.  Going running just feels so natural.
     Football is a passion of mine.  I love watching the Chicago Bears.  They're my team!  Bears fan for life!  I actually won a season-long NFL predictions competition one year.  I know I'm in the minority because football is a male-dominated sport, but I just love it.
     7. One thing that I strive to do in my day to day life is to make others happy.  I think that if you can do even the smallest thing for someone it's great.  In today's world, a lot of people don't stop or make the effort to help or bless others, so that just magnifies it when someone does try.  That's part of the reason I love my job as a waitress in a bakery.  I can be kind and courteous to the customers, and maybe be a bright spot in their day.
      By going the extra mile, I can witness to other people.  I hope that through my actions others can see Christ in me.  That's not to say that I'm always that way.  I have my bad days too, especially with my family.
     8. I am an introvert.  You might say, "Of course you are, you have a blog after all.  Who does that anymore anyways?";)  It's not that I don't enjoy spending time with people, I love it actually.  It's just that I get re-energized by my time alone.  Sometimes, I worry too much about what others think of me.  I worry about the way I present myself to others and their opinions.  That's not a good outlook to have, and I'm trying to change, but it's hard.
     9. Family is very important to me.  My brother and I are extremely close.  He annoys me a lot and I whine and complain about it, but we really are very good friends.  I talk to him about anything, and I like to think he does the same with me.
     I've gotten a lot closer to my Mom since my brother went to school.  She is such an important person in my life.  I can confide in her about anything and she helps me make decisions.  She will tell you that I can never make up my mind about anything.:)
     My Dad is an important role model in my life.  He always makes time for me, and I'm always impressed with how he puts us and others before himself.  He is quite the Christian man, and I'm proud to have him as my Dad.
     I'm closer to my extended family than most people are.  My Dad's side has a lot of people and my Mom's does not.  I'm so proud of who they are, and I'm glad to be related to them.
     10. I am very driven.  I used to be such a slacker, probably not even two years ago.  Since then, I have become motivated, matured, and have strengthened my work ethic a lot.  Getting my work done is what keeps me going.  I have turned down days off from school to stay on top of my work.  Yes, I do have a social life, and no, you may not concur that it is like the average teenager's.:)
     I'm the kind of person that makes lists.  I make lists for what I need to do in the day and I make lists for goals that I want to achieve.  Nothing beats the feeling of being able to cross things off of the list and look back to see how I've improved since that time.
     I'm quite the perfectionist.  If one little thing goes wrong, the picture in my head comes crumbling down and it becomes a bigger deal than it should be.  I just idealize what I want so much that if I don't get it, anything else could never be as good (in my mind).
     My perfectionism is so extreme.  I remember having my 12th birthday, and planning every minute out.  When things didn't go with the schedule, it totally ruined my night.  I just needed to relax and realize it was was a birthday party.  It was supposed to be fun.


     So now you know a little bit more about me.  I hope I didn't bore you.  In fact, congratulations for getting to this point.  Participation award, right?  Yep, that's all I got for you.:)


  1. Nice to meet you, Elizabeth! I loved reading these facts about you. I can totally relate to being a perfectionist, I'm the same way!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

  2. This is a lovely post Elizabeth! I loved reading more about you.

    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige


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