Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jesus Loves Me This I Know// Be The Light Tees

     I recently received some products from Be the Light Tees.  I was extremely thrilled with everything about the experience.  They sent me 5 shirts!  That was far more than I have ever received for a product review.
$14.00 ~Link~

$14.00 ~Link~

$14.00 ~Link~

$14.00 ~Link~

$14.00 ~Link~

     The service that I was given was perfect.  I have never received products more quickly.  They were sent to me right away.
     The shirts were very cute and the designs on them were nice.  I particularly liked the tank tops.  One thing I didn't like about the tank tops though, were the lengths.  They were all kind of long, but I think they were designed to be that way.
     The sizes were perfect.  They were as flattering as a t-shirt could be, not too large, not too small.
     The price isn't that bad for the shirts, not cheap though, just reasonable.
     I would absolutely recommend ordering from this company!

Product- 9
Bonus points for my satisfaction- 10!
Total: 36 out of 30!
Would I recommend these products? YES

I was not paid for this review.  Everything stated is my honest opinion.


  1. Interesting review! Thanks for doing it! I'm always looking for companies who sell Christian t-shirts. I think my favorite is the first one.

  2. What a nice review. Thanks for doing it. I'll check out their site.

    Blessings in Christ,


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