Saturday, July 16, 2016

17 Things I Have Learned in 17 Years

1.  When you stop caring what other people think, you are free.
2.  You have the most fun when you step out of your comfort zone.
3.  Be inquisitive.  The worst thing that can happen is someone saying no.
4.  Channel your interests.  Find something you love doing and focus on that.
5.  Do not quit.
6.  You must find the balance between humble and confident.
7.  Speak up.  You're not doing anyone a favor by not talking.
8.  Set goals for yourself.  It will give your life purpose.
9.  Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what effect you may have on others.
10.  Don't worry, it accomplishes nothing.
11.  Always be on time and give 100%.
12.  If you have the chance to do something good, do it.
13.  Think before you speak.
14.  Don't hold onto THINGS, crave EXPERIENCES.
15.  Friendships aren't about quantity, but quality.
16.  Knowledge is powerful and valuable.
17.  Chase your dreams, they may become reality.

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