Monday, February 8, 2016

It's Real

     Do you ever have days where you feel unwanted?
You know very well that you are loved
You know that you have no reason to be dissatisfied
but you are.

It hits hard, like a wave crashing against the coast
And like the ocean waves, it keeps coming
Crashing... harder...

You tell yourself to shake it
Why can't you shake it?
Why can't you just forget the hurt?
But the hurt is a dull ache... it doesn't go away.

Your Lord is still there
You still believe in Him
But you hurt
You know He doesn't want you to hurt.

This isn't you
This is the raw you
This is the core of who you are
The festering throbbing core.

This is the part of you that stays hidden
No one sees it
You don't see it
Only in flashes.

But now, it has reared it's ugly head
It comes in full force
It encompasses you.

God doesn't want this
You don't want this
Nobody wants this.

This is depression.

You tell yourself that you're fine
That you're selfish for feeling this way
It's not really depression
It's not that bad...

You're too dramatic

You're selfish

You hate yourself for feeling this way

You tell yourself that the depression isn't real

but it is.

**Never feel ashamed of the way you feel.  You may hide it from others, but you can't hide it from yourself.  Depression is real, don't stuff your feelings.  Get help.

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