Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Letter to My Future Self

     Recently, I had a friend that turned 18.  That's so crazy to me!  I'm 16 years old and it doesn't feel real.  My high school years are going quickly and I know that the pace will only increase.
     I had thought that it would be fun to write a letter to read to myself in the future.  I think it would just be so interesting to see the changes that happen and to look back.  So, I have decided to write a letter to my future 18 year old self (1 and 1/2 years from now).

18 Year Old Me,
     How do I even begin?  I have so many hopes for you.  So many goals I hope you will achieve and dreams that I hope will come true for you.
     You're graduating high school!  Applause for that!  Your life will look a lot different from here on out.
     I hope that no matter where you ended up, high school matured you.  I hope that you feel confident in your abilities but maintain humility.  I also hope that you believe you are brave, that you can do whatever you want.
    If you've had boy troubles, remember Who loves you the most, if you have a boyfriend, remember to keep God at the center of your relationship, and if you haven't met him yet, don't be restless.  The Lord will work in you mightily in this time of singleness.  He will work out His perfect plan in your life.
     Please take risks.  Put yourself out there.  You'll never know unless you try.  Nothing can stand against you that you can't overcome with God.
     Go live life.  Experience things and do it all with a positive outlook.  Hold back what you want to say, and only and say what Jesus would say.  Model your life after His.
     Don't worry if the situation out of high school isn't ideal.  It's ok if you have to work or attend junior college.  Maybe it's not what you want, but you must follow God's leading.
     Which reminds me, your relationship with Him is the most important thing you will ever have.  Treasure it and do not turn away from it.
     Your family is VERY important to you!  This last year and a half is probably the last time you will all live together.  I hope you made the most of it!
     Please keep running.  Take care of your body.  Don't let your love of dessert get in the way of feeling good about yourself and the way you look. :)
     If you don't feel beautiful or capable, remember the pageant.  Remember what it was like to be queen and how special you felt.  You looked so beautiful!
     Surround yourself with good friends and expand your horizons.  Don't struggle to fit in, push to stand out.  Don't worry if you're not always accepted or if you are looked down upon.  What people think doesn't matter.
      This is your life.  You didn't waste time, you didn't throw away opportunities, you were never inadequate.  Life happens, and it's not always perfect.  People are not perfect, and neither are you.  Don't ever beat yourself up for something you did or didn't do.
     Be secure in who you are and you will not fail.
                                                                  16 year old you

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  1. I love letters like this! I have yet to write one to myself... Not sure what I am waiting for.


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